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Airbag SRS Crash Data Reset

srs airbag module computer

What is srs airbag crash data reset and when do you need crash data reset. The quick answer is when your srs airbag light indicator is illuminated on the dashboard. But why can srs warning light be on ?

There are basically two causes.

First cause is that vehicle was in an accident and has crash event data stored in the srs computer in case the accident data needs to be evaluated by Insurnace company or police. But when the vehicle is rebuilt after the accident and the airbags and seatbelts were replaced, then the airbag computer module can either be replaced or reprogrammed by us by resting it to original oem condition.

Second cause can be faulty wiring, connectors, sensors, or actual srs computer itself. General Motors, Honda and Ford have recalls on some srs airbag computer modules and dealerships replace them free of charge. If your vehicle’s AirBag computer module suffers an internal failure there would be a warning related to srs system on the dashboard. This situation should be taken care of immediately.

If you have any questions related to airbag or srs systems please contact us and we’ll be more than happy to answer your questions.

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