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Chevrolet Instrument Cluster Repair Service


This is a service to repair your Chevrolet ® Instrument Cluster. You must ship in your cluster for repair.

Models Compatible Are:

2003-2006: 1500, 2500, 3500, 1500hd, 2500hd, 3500hd
2003-2006: Silverado
2003-2006: Avalanche
2003-2006: Suburban
2003-2006: Trailblazer
2003-2006: Tahoe
2003-2006: Duramax
2003-2006: Z71

Please select your appropriate model above.


  •  Optional Upgrades / Add-Ons:





Chevrolet Instrument Cluster Repair:

If an Instrument Cluster in you GM truck is having problems with the Gauges (Speedometer, Tachometer, Gas, Temperature, Battery, Oil, Transmission temp) 

Our Chevrolet Instrument Cluster Repair Service for these models ensures fail-free operation.

We Stand behind all our repairs and offer Lifetime Warranty on All Gauges. 

All General Motors 2003-2006  SUVs and Trucks models are defective from the factory and will fail eventually.

We repair dim or not working Information and PRND Shift Indicator displays  in your 2007, 2008, 2009, or 2010 GM Truck or SUV Instrument Cluster. 

as well as Shift Indicator PRND display in 2003-2006 , and most 2000-2005 models.

Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac Escalade, HUMMER H2, Buick, Oldsmobile, Isuzu and many other GM Trucks, cars and SUVs Instrument Clusters manufactured in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 are prone to internal failures which may cause battery drainage when the vehicle is switched off, and various other electrical malfunctions due to instrument cluster internal power supply failure.

GM Dealers will charge over $500 dollars to repair this issue.

We make all your gauges problems disappear for much much lower cost with this Chevrolet Instrument Cluster Repair. 

Millions of GM vehicles were made between the years 2001 and 2006 with instruments cluster failing over some period of time.

Common problems include: instrument cluster losing power intermediately or completely, Speedometer showing incorrect speed, Fuel Gauge showing incorrect reading, and other Gauges showing incorrect readings.

Martyn Electronics fixes all the gauges in your instrument cluster even the working ones are updated with new stepper motor mechanism so it will last forever and not fail again, all the backlighting and bulbs will be fixed, shift indicator display and any power issues.

This Chevrolet Instrument Cluster Repair covers a full repair of your instrument cluster. 

Also, for all the Clusters we can upgrade the backlighting to color LED gauges cluster backlight.

6 and 7 gauge clusters* models are available for BLUE shift indicator and info display upgrade along with color gauges needles (pointers) and white face overlay.

 Please select your appropriate model above for your Cadillac Escalade Instrument Cluster Repair.

This repair service also covers Cadillac Escalade Instrument Cluster Repair services, GMC Instrument Cluster Repair services and all other GM Instrument Cluster Repair Services years 2003-2006.


2003-07 Chevrolet ® Instrument Cluster Repair Service

$249.00 Regular Price
$199.00Sale Price
  • Chevrolet Instrument Cluster Repair


    Service Includes:


    • Repair of All Gauges
    • PRND Shift Indicator & Odometer Display Repair
    • Gauge Backlighting Repair
    • Intermediate or Complete Power Loss Repair
    • Repair of Instrument Cluster Draining Battery
    • Full Test & Calibration According to OEM Specifications 


    24hr Turnaround

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So How Does It Work?


Take off the part(s) from the vehicle that need to be repaired

(srs airbag module, instrument cluster, or climate unit).


Select the repair service(s) on the website for the parts you need repaired select the proper make, model, year & checkout.


Carefully package and ship the part(s) to us.

Our Address Is:

Martyn Auto Electronics
16 Squawfield Road
Westfield, MA 01085


Receive back your product repaired and ready to be installed. Install and Smile!


Trusted by Thousands Each Year 

Here's what some of them say!

"Repaired my GM 2500hd gauge cluster. Back Lighting and needles work excellent now. Shipping was fast. I chose them because they stand behind their work and warranty it. Would recommend to anyone in the future."

Stephen H. |Previous Customer 

"My mechanic told me "aint no one ever gonna fix them problems with your instrument gauges cluster". But I decided to give these guys a try anyways. And lo and behold, they fixed my entire instrument gauges cluster! no more shutting down of entire gauges during driving, Shift indicator is working again, all the gauges work! Great Job!"

Tyler L.|Previous Customer 

"Sent in my non-working dash cluster instrument panel from my 2003 Silverado 1500HD pickup. recieved it back fully working plus the displays and gauge lighting are slightly brighter too. Thank you guys."

"VIN and Mileage programing done in one business day, now that's what I'm talking about! Was replacing dash intrument cluster panel on my 2010 Silverado pickup and needed it re-programmed for my vehicle, sent then my broken original cluster and the replacement one. "

Sean T. |Previous Customer 

William J. |Previous Customer 

"At first I was little skeptical that I had to prepay for repair service before sending the instrument cluster in. But after little research I found out that all "repair-by-mail" repair service companies operate like this. The entire process was smooth and fast. My instrument cluster came back fully working just like new. "

"They received my instrument cluster and had it repaired and shipped back to me on the same day! I had a question shortly after I first shipped it to them. Emailed them and they responded within a couple of hours. Very good pricing, great work, and excellent service. Highly recommended"

Dan W. |Previous Customer 

Justin L. |Previous Customer 


We fully test every instrument cluster after repair and recalibrate all gauges.

No Additional Programming Required

Your Mileage Will Remain Unchanged!


24hr Turnaround, Lifetime Warranty

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