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  • How do I remove SRS airbag module?
    Disconnect battery, negative terminal first than positive terminal. Remove SRS airbag module. If you are still unsure you can always reach out to us or do a quick google search for your make and model then airbag module location Even if you do not find your exact make and model you'll have a frame of reference for how to remove yours.
  • How do I Install SRS airbag module after repair?
    Disconnect battery negative first than positive terminal. install and connect SRS airbag module. Reconnect battery. Turn switch to "accessory". Wait few seconds the SRS light should stop flashing. Turn off the key.
  • Do we provide a warranty?
    We provide a lifetime warranty on all Instrument clusters' gauges (stepper motors). However repair attempts made be other parties cannot be guaranteed if damage was done to the circuit board.
  • How long do repairs take?
    Most repairs are done the same business day they are received but always less than 24 hours. Orders are shipped back within 24 hours or less upon receipt.
  • How do we do return shipping?
    We return all units via USPS Priority mail or UPS Ground and we email you the tracking number once the order has been shipped. Overnight and express service is available upon request, please contact us for pricing or leave a request on the service form.
  • Will my current mileage change?
    No. We rebuild your original cluster and it is returned with the same mileage. No programming or flashing is necessary.
  • What exactly do you repair in instrument clusters?
    For instrument clusters we repair and upgrade all gauges to new OEM fail-free gauge motor mechanism (stepper motors), backlighting bulbs, shift indicator (prnd..) display, internal power supply, and other electronic circuit and component issues, (issues like: that may cause Instrument cluster to drain the battery when vehicle is turned off etc) and more. We fully test entire instrument cluster after repair and recalibrate all gauges.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    All major credit cards/ you can also pay here on the site by clicking the PayPal links, no PayPal account is required. On PayPal you can pay by credit card or checking account (E-check). We accept VISA, MASTERCARD OR DISCOVER.
  • Can I drive my vehicle without the cluster in it?
    Yes your vehicle is drivable without clusters but you must understand doing so at your own risk. Using a GPS unit such as Garmin or Tom Tom will provide you with a speedometer and odometer (for fuel gauge reference).
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